The Farm Midwifery Workshops

the farm

The Farm Midwifery Center is something akin to legend for most natural childbirth lovers. Established in the early 1970s, it’s a place founded by a caravan of 200 dreamers (a.k.a hippies), traveling from San Francisco “on a quest for a new way of life that would establish a stronger connection to the values of humanity. A powerful element in this voyage of discovery was the belief that the sanctity of birth should be returned to the family.”


They ended up on a 1750 acre farm in Tennessee, and when babies were born they were delivered by the community’s midwives. It was also where Ina May Gaskin, “The Mother of Modern Midwifery,” and the community’s other midwives opened The Farm Midwifery Center, and wrote Spiritual Midwifery.

Today, women and medical professionals from all over the world travel to The Farm to receive prenatal care, deliver their babies, and to learn about their incredible “spiritual” approach to maternity care.

The Farm Midwifery Workshops offer a variety of classes such as midwives assistant training, advanced midwifery workshops, and neonatal resuscitation. The Farm has its own accommodations, store, and is a great place to connect with like-minded women and nature.