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The Fallacy Of Black Lives Matter And The Alleged War On Blacks: A Mixed Girl's Perspective

I’m mixed. biracial. mulatto. Whatever you want to call it, I’m half black. half white. Which makes me something of a conundrum within the black community, a community where you’re either in or you’re way WAY out, where if you’re not for the cause you’re for The Man. So long as us half-breeds toe the … Continue reading

And I'm Staring Down The Barrel of 30…
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And I'm Staring Down The Barrel of 30…

I just had a birthday. 29. The final year of my third decade. (When did that happen?) Another year older for sure. I’d like to think a year wiser to boot, but that’s debatable. Our 20’s are such a whirl-wind, you know? Barely even grown-up, yet it’s the time many of us make the most significant and life-altering choices … Continue reading

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A Quick Update On The Diastasis Recti

Well, it’s still there. The gap, that is. It’s been three months since I posted about my diastasis recti, and I’m still struggling to close a three finger width gap. Crap. I stuck to the MuTu System faithfully for 8 weeks. Technically I didn’t “finish” the entire thing. Problem was, I never was able to move past … Continue reading