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Is Your Milk Supply Low? The Truth About Insufficient Milk Supply

Is your milk supply low? Short answer, probably not. Mothers tend to worry about a lot of things… <cough>…okay, maybe everything. And most moms, especially newbies, have worried about the status of their milk supply at some point. I mean, let’s face it: it’s a lot of pressure to be your baby’s sole source of … Continue reading

The Nurse’s Perspective on Minimal Pain Interventions During Childbirth
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The Nurse’s Perspective on Minimal Pain Interventions During Childbirth

By Casey, RN BSN I love a good natural childbirth. As a labor nurse there are very few things that provide a greater happy rush. A patient with no epidural can jump from 6cm to complete and pushing without the ability to stop herself in a matter of minutes – it keeps us on our … Continue reading

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5 Reasons To Birth Naturally

Natural childbirth occurs pretty much the way the name implies: naturally. The female body is miraculously designed to give birth. While some labors certainly require medical intervention, the vast majority will begin and progress spontaneously and naturally, in their own way and time. It’s strange that one of the most primal, instinctual processes known to … Continue reading