2016: IM Taiwan Training / IRONMAN

Training Recap April 25-May1: 23 Weeks Out


Freak…I’m already missing workouts…

Thursday I just felt like trash and made the conscious decision to take a much needed day off; my 14 month old is cutting three molars at once and it goes without saying neither of us got much sleep most of the week.

Friday I ran an errand on my bike (picked up two Costco-sized jumbo packages of toilet paper from a friend) and managed to get lost on the way home. I mean, crazy lost, in a place where Google Maps doesn’t work and I’d failed to download BaiDu Maps on my current phone. An hour or so after discovering I was lost I made it home (only after the hubby gave me step by step directions over the phone until I finally made it back to familiar territory), but decided to chalk my misguided adventure up as my sole workout for the day.

I tend to get real anxious when I miss workouts (even when I’m not training for anything), but I’m reminding myself I’m still a long 5 months away from go-time, so the best thing for me to do is roll with the punches, remember that life happens, and just press forward.

I will miss more workouts, it’s a given. I’m not a professional athlete and I have responsibilities that are more important than IRONMAN. Got it.

That being said I’ve finally decided on a training program (one of Matt Fitzgerald’s), so at least I can shut my brain off and just do what’s on the calendar. Yippee to the shutting off of the brain!

I did my long run this week with my N95 mask on this week…we’ve had a rough week pollution-wise and I’m realizing my respiratory system is really affected when the AQI is over 150 (it was about 190 Saturday AM), but if I took the day off anytime the air was crap I would never leave the house, so I try to stay positive and remind myself it’s my version of altitude simulation training (right???).


Mon Apr 25

Swim (2000m)

WU 400 Swim, bringing your HR up gradually to 65-70%
200 kick
3x (4 x 50) w/10 sec rest, each set should be:- #1 easy @60%; #2 @70%; #3 @75%; #4 @84%
MAIN SET 4 x 200 @ 70-80%w/ 20sri (3:32, 3:28, 3:27, 3:31)

Tues Apr 26

Bike (1 hour 10 minutes), Run (20 minutes) BRICK

Both relatively aerobic, added some hills on the bike

Wed Apr 27

Run (40 minute tempo), Bike (30 minutes)

38:54, 5 miles
avg 7:47/mi

8:47 WU
8:09, 7:37, 6:49, 7:27

Aerobic bike

Thurs Apr 28


Intentionally took the day off, just felt tired

Fri Apr 29

Bike (10 miles)

Totally random 10 mile ride due to getting lost…nuff said

Sat Apr 30

Run (1 hour 4 minutes), Bike (1 hour)

Did both workouts with my N95 on, not ideal

avg pace 7:59/mile
8:18, 7:14, 8:19, 8:04, 7:35, 8:02, 8:16, 8:03

Bike was aerobic




7 thoughts on “Training Recap April 25-May1: 23 Weeks Out

  1. Your a rock star! I’m so impressed by some of the paces you are hitting on your runs. I’ve been slogging around the ten minute pace and I envy those averages you are posting! 🙂 I hear you on the missed workouts and anxiety business. I’ve been sick the last two weeks and we have been traveling all over the country as well. Not great sleep for any of us and I’ve missed a few runs. We’ll all be ok though, right?! 🙂 🙂 great job momma! (Can’t believe mikki is 14 months!)


    • It’s taken me 1.5 years to get my paces back down to the 8 minute range, I’ve been running consistently since Mikki was born with the hopes that I could get some speed back in my legs! But what’s so awesome about tri training is the swimming and biking have really helped my running endurance, and the training is just so much fun! I think you’re a rock star! I hear you girl, we just have to remember there are seasons in life and we are currently in the crazy hectic baby season, meaning sometimes training has to take a back seat to other more pressing things (like teething and barfing babies, lol). But that doesn’t mean we can’t still set goals and have fun training when we can! And I also don’t know how Mikki is 14 months…time is going way too fast!


  2. Awesome Kelly! The hardest two things for me to learn about endurance training was 1) if you’re tired or sick and need to take time off, don’t make up the missed workouts later, and 2) if you miss a workout, don’t stress about it. I’m still working on the not stressing part


    • Not stressing is hard, I miss one workout and my mind instantly goes to “well you’re never going to finish that race now!” It’s so silly though. I needed that reminder about not making up the missed days…I was actually just trying to figure out how I could cram a missed swim into my schedule this week, haha!


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