2016: IM Taiwan Training / IRONMAN

Training Recap April 10-16: 25 Weeks Out

workouts apr 11-17

25 weeks away from IRONMAN and it’s just starting to hit me how much work there is to be done between now and October 2nd…eeek! I’ve been base-training pretty consistently since December, so while I just registered for the race last week, training-wise things look about the same as they have for the past several months.

I’d been tossing around the idea of hiring a coach for awhile now, and after a whole lot of searching settled on Smart Triathlon Training a couple weeks ago. While I certainly don’t need a coach, I’ve really wanted that extra bit of accountability to help me stick with my training, and an idiot-proof plan that I don’t have to tweak or even think about. Compared to a lot of the other coaching packages I’d looked at, it’s much cheaper (about $130/month compared to upwards of $200-300/month…), it’s personally customized for my specific race and background, and it offers unlimited contact with the head coach (which most programs don’t do at that price-point). I signed up for the three week minimum, and while I don’t have anything negative to say about it, I’m thinking I might save the money and just follow a free training plan once my initial training period is up; we’ll see.

I’m still riding the registration high and the training isn’t taxing yet so my motivation is still good…we’ll see how much that changes in a couple of months!

Monday April 11

Swim (1500m)

200 WU
4×50 DPS (avg 41-42 strokes).
400 free
4×50 DPS (avg 41-42)
400 free pick up pace every 4th lap
100 WD

Tues April 12

Run (40 Minute Aerobic Tempo Run)

40:13 (5.01 miles)
avg 8:02/mile
8:41, 7:49, 8:09, 7:44, 7:45
Legs felt pretty tired, a bit hard to maintain pace


12 lifts, 1×15 for each lift

Wed April 13

Bike (1 Hour Tempo)

On the trainer

10 Minutes Abs

Thurs April 14

2000m Swim
Warm up 300 easy.

6×50 on 20 sec rest, 2 free, 1 stroke, 2 free, 1 stroke
2×150 on 30 sec rest, 100 pull/50 kick
Main Set 100,200,300,400 on base rest of 20 sec per 100
2×50 kick on 20 sec rest


12 lifts, 1×15 for each lift

Fri April 15

2 hour 30 min Bike

Only ended up getting in 2 hour 5 min on the trainer because I had to pick Cruz up from school. I’m realizing I’m mentally not used to sitting on a bike this long, lol

7 Minutes Abs

Sat April 16

55 Minute Run

7 miles

Didn’t even take my Garmin on this run because my legs were dead and needed to just run by feel. Ended up being a much needed recovery run