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Losing a Child to SIDS: My Brother's Story

Today is Christian’s 8th birthday, and I wanted to take the chance to re-share my brother’s story. If you haven’t had a chance to read it I hope you will!

Wordy Gertie

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On December 31, 2006 I became an Auntie; I was ELATED. Three short months later, in a fashion I would never have imagined in a million years, my family and I would be encircling a bassinet in a cemetery. I had no idea Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) was a first-world reality, until it unexpectedly took my sweet nephew one cold day in April.

If you aren’t pregnant and don’t have any kids, you’ve probably never thought about SIDS; I hadn’t. When I heard words like “infant mortality,” I automatically associated such a travesty with remote, rural villages in the furthest outreaches of Africa or Mongolia or Papua New Guinea. Babies don’t die for no reason in America.

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This Thursday (April 10), it will have been seven years since Christian passed away. Each year on his birthday, and again on the day of his death, my family struggles to cope…

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3 thoughts on “Losing a Child to SIDS: My Brother's Story

  1. I read this last year before I fell pregnant and was so deeply saddened then. A year on, with an 11 week old baby, I am distraught. She’s lying next to us in her crib, sucking her hands and fidgeting in her sleep; I can’t imagine life without her in the same way your brother couldn’t have imagined life without Christian. Happy Birthday little man x

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